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Since not everyone can be online all of the time, here are some fun snaps of webcam time...

Joy of Tech Virtual book signing!

July 4th sunset over The Strait of Juan de Fuca. :)

Oceanfront Timelapse!

Real Millennium's Eve... in an igloo!

Christmas Day Solar Eclipse

Nitrozac, Master of Disguise!

Installing a new coffee maker

Dinner and two movies:
The Picture of Dorian Gray, and U-571

Sunrise Cam (half size, but still neat)

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WebCam details:
We use a couple of cameras, most of the time a Sony Camcorder, but sometimes a Nikon CoolPix digital camera, which has a video out. The webcam software we have been using most of the time is EvoCam, which is nice since it will automatically generate timelapse Quicktime movies.

If you catch a good shot off our webcam, email it to us, and we may add it to the archive.

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